We had a wedding to go too, back at the end of July. Partition-Man was the best man. He was terrified. I couldn’t wait. I was so excited. Our first invitation as a couple to a proper grown up event. 
The day went smoothly. The bride look beautiful. The venue was decorated beautifully. 

The best part of the day came… The food!! Barbecue! Yess!! Great. There we all are, all dressed up queuing for food. I get my burger. Ketchup? Obviously. 

I sprayed ketchup all over another wedding guest! As if that’s not embarrassing enough, her dress was white!! Red ketchup all over a white dress and white shoes! 

Yep. I wanted the ground to swallow me up! 

I don’t think I’m ready for these grown up, adult events…



  Don’t get me wrong. I love reading about people’s adventures whilst travelling. The places people see. The people they meet. The food they eat. But I think it’s sometimes forgotten, that where we live there is so much to see. 

I had a lovely evening with my Mum at the Roman Baths. Luckily, as we live locally we get to go in for free, but I would willingly pay to see them. They are beautiful, and so fascinating. 

I fell that sometimes people are so determined to get that “great picture” for social media, that they forget to see what’s right in front of them, and experience it. 

7. Daily Battle

I wouldn’t normally write about these sorts of things,
If something winds me up I will message either Partition-Man, Tea-Man or Insta-girl about it..
have a rant, get their opinions.. whatever. then forget all about it.
This particular annoyance, I don’t think they understand. I’m not saying there is anything
wrong with not understanding, I’m guessing its something that doesn’t particularly bother them..
or they don’t suffer from the insecurity themselves. I don’t know.

anyway.. i need to stop waffling.

Recently there was a story printed in all the shiny gossip magazines and posted all over
social media. “Jennifer Aniston is finally pregnant!” along side the ‘headline’ there was a
photograph of Jennifer Aniston and her husband on a beach. She was wearing a black bikini. She
looked amazing! At 47, she has an amazing body.

But unfortunately, what the media decided to focus on was her slightly rounded tummy.
They ignored the fact that she looked amazing. They printed this picture with arrows pointing
out her rounded tummy and decided that she was pregnant!

I have read today that Jennifer Aniston has confirmed that she is not pregnant. She has also
blogged that she is fed up of/tired of the frenzy around these sorts of stories.

This is what is wrong with people. This is why girls today have massive confidence issues.
This is why girls (and guys) go on crash diets and do ridiculous workouts!

I am a petite girl. I am just over 5ft.
I have always been slim, but have recently gone from a size 6 to a size 8 and, in some cases, a
10. I don’t mind this, i was bordering on being underweight so putting on this weight has been a
good thing. Its healthy! Its a healthy size! I have a boyfriend now and we love food!

Unfortunately, the weight goes straight to tummy and I have small breasts, I think I look

When i wear slightly tighter tops with jeans/skirts I look in the mirror and all
i can see is my rounded/bloated stomach.
I wear straight dresses and look straight at where my stomach sticks out bigger than my boobs.

I went to the beach last year with a group of friends, 4 guys and 1 other girl. She has
gorgeous boobs, an amazing flat stomach and the longest legs. I felt so uncomfortable in my
bikini next to her.. my little belly sitting on top of bikini bottoms. I spent all day lying

We had a picture taken a few weeks later. In our bikinis.. great photo of us. Jumping on
some rocks, amazing view behind us.
One guy wrote to me in a group message (an old school friend) on facebook
“awkward moment when *my name* stomach is the focal point of the picture!”
It was humiliating.. all my other friends read that comment!

I live in lose tops and leggings, waterfall cardigans, Aladdin trousers and floaty dresses as
i have found these hide the dreaded tummy!

I spend so long choosing what I’m going to wear to any occasion, or non occasion for that matter,
because i am paranoid that people are going to be looking at my tummy and wondering if i’m
pregnant?! Or just noticing that i have a belly!! “She’s brave to be wearing that!”

Every time I have this battle with my wardrobe and tummy, my parents, sisters, friends, boyfriend
have told me not to be so stupid. “Its all in your head.” “No one looks at my tummy.”
“I look fine.” “You’re tiny.” “You do have a flat tummy.”

This story about Jennifer Aniston has just made my insecurities 1000 times worse. Its proved my
point. If you don’t have a flat stomach or A six pack or Decent sized boobs. etc etc.. people
You look pregnant apparently! People notice the weight gain. Apparently, weight gain is a bad

And people wonder why we have so many young teenage girls with eating disorders?!

Luckily, I enjoy biscuits far too much that I couldn’t do that to myself… but others girls
may not be the same!

Stop body shaming people for Gods sake!


What on earth has happened to Summer?!

I am sat in work, looking out at all the students graduating and I feel so sorry for them! You’d think when you got your graduation date and it says June you’d expect blue skies, green grass and bright photos…

… they do seem to be enjoying it though?!

Anyways, so we have the Senior Partner retiring tomorrow! For the retirement party we are going on a Vintage Tea Cruise Friday afternoon!

Tea, sandwiches, cakes, scones…. sounds perfect.

The email, not sent from me, went around at the beginning of the week explaining what would be happening on Friday (where to go/what to expect/what we get etc..) all I have heard since is (as i’m on reception i get all the gossip and complaints)

“OH! so we only get 3 sandwiches?!”

“We only get a duo of small cakes?”

“They don’t serve the tea until 3pm, I’ll be starving”

I’m so excited about this tea cruise… a boat! Tea! Sandwiches! Cakes! Scones! Either i’m far too easily pleased or i’m missing something..?!



5.It’s lunch time. I fancy something sweet and chocolatey. So head to boots … Maltesers are calling me. 

Minding my own business, watching people going about their day, tutting at people stopping mid pavement , when suddenly I’m on the floor and my handbag has flown (what seems like miles) away from me… Oh yea. The dreaded has happened… The worst thing that could happen to an awkward Brit had happened… 
I have fallen over a pothole! 
What do I do? Do I play dead and hope no one noticed? Do I jump up and brush it off? Do I cry? Do I laugh? 
The next thing I know, I have 3 (yes 3!) people helping me off the floor. They obviously felt I needed to get out of the middle of the road. A lady is handing me my handbag and umbrella and the gentleman picking me up off the floor are asking me if I’m ok. Embarrassed, I just say “oh god! I’m so embarrassed. Thank you.” I scurry off to boots, traumatised! 
But I can feel something running down my leg. My hand hurts. When I’m finally in a safe place, in a side road where no one can see me. I lift up my skirt and reveal blood running down my leg from my knee!! Kill me now!!! Could this be anymore embarrassing?!

Panicked, traumatised and just mortified, I end up in boots trying to clean myself up discretely… When the manager takes pity on me and ends up cleaning my hand and knee in the middle of the shop. 

Great start to the week! 


An example of what i deal with day to day..

I got in to work early today. We have flexi time, so by getting in early this means i can leave early (win win) !

I got in, blinds up, computer on, printer on, franking machine on after all that hard work.. time for a cuppa. I go downstairs, wash up my mug, put the kettle on, fill up my glass with water. Now, the law should be that whenever you have a cuppa, you have to have atleast 3+ biscuits, on opening the biscuit tin, the terrible discovery is made… all that remains are old, broken, stale shortbread fingers and “nice” biscuits in the bottom … the horror!!

I feel that i can take it upon my self, to make the executive decision to throw these away.. i’m twenty.something?! I can do this! I don’t need to ask permission?  Who is going to eat week old biscuits (no one that’s who!) unfortunately, as i am about to do this terrible thing, i’m caught by a lady that  has worked here for 67 years.. what to do?! I’ve been caught about to throw food away… i freeze.. i panic… what do i do…? ….. So i ask… “oh shall i throw these away? They’ve been here about a week?” What happened next has confused me and i’m still in shock…

“Oh, I’ll get an old envelope and take them home…”

So there i am picking up old biscuits and placing them in an envelope thinking.. HOME?! Had i heard that right?! Take them home?! For what?!

Now, i’m hoping this means they will go in the food waste bin.. i’m all for recycling, but surely that’s a little too far? So i’m now sat at my desk aware that there is an envelope somewhere in the office with some week old biscuits in it.

Moral of the story…. just open a new pack of biscuits and be done with it!




A little bit about me.. 

After a little bit of feedback from, we shall call him TeaMan.. I feel I should share a little bit more about me, I guess.

So, um, where do I start.. 

I live in a village just a few miles from Bath. I’ve often thought about living in Bath, but I honestly enjoy my commute and would miss fields. 

I live with parents. I have no shame in this. They are a hilarious! My family are nuts.. They drive me mental but, honestly, if they weren’t my family I’d be begging them to be my friend. I’m sure you’ll learn more about them individually… I have my sisters ScallopGirl and RoathGirl.. Apparently we’re alike and different.. In looks and personality..

I managed to bag myself a Monday to Friday 9-5 job. Perfect! After years of underpaid retail I decided to find a job that gave me a life.. The World of office life welcomed me with open arms…. And so did the scanner and kettle! 

PartitionMan, is my boyfriend. The funniest, sweetest, manliest, caring nerd giant in the world.. He really does look after me.. I once cried about a hot chocolate and brownie situation (a story for another day!) and he actually cared… He wooed me with cups of tea and chocolate hobnobs.. Who said romance was dead?! 

TeaMan, who I’ve already mentioned, is my best friend in the whole world. The only way to describe him is to simply say he is the male version of me. The stories of his day to day life have me in stitches! He is the greatest friend I could ask for.. Our friendship was formed over an argument about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.. And now 10 years later, I find myself messaging him concerned about my bowel movements.. 

InstaGirl I met when I wasn’t even in double figures. Our lives have always run smoothly side by side. We always have the same ups and downs.. Which is amazing.. When one of us is having a down moment the other is in the same place and we get each other through it. There’s always an adventure with InstaGirl and a photo to document it. Every twenty.something needs an InstaGirl in their lives. 

There we go. A little bit about me. 


After a very relaxing morning. Listening to partition-man get ready for work at 7:30.. Then telling me he’s on his way home again at 9:50, him getting back in to bed for a late morning cuddle and nap. We decided to head to Wells for the afternoon (I say we, but it was me insisting I needed to get out the house because I couldn’t POSSIBLY not go outside for one day!) 

Driving down and singing along to Breakfast at Tiffany’s but us both only really knowing the chorus. I impressed myself by squeezing into a parking space, which was probably big enough for a lorry!Strolling around Wells bickering about where to go and where to eat, him pretending to be interested in the market stalls and pointing out the baby swans for me. 

We finally choose somewhere to eat, a seat in the window looking over the, I want to say river(?) or maybe moat(?). I find myself staring out the window. Watching couples walking up and down, parents showing theirs kids the baby swans I’d been watching. I find that I can’t stop watching an old man sitting and feeding the birds.

He was so peaceful, you could see how happy he was. They were all gathering around his feet, sitting on his knees and shoulders. I can imagine he does this every week. I could have watched him for ages. 

Partition-man eventually told me to stop staring at him… Maybe zooming right in to get a picture is a tad stalkerish! But look how happy he is!!



I have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But sometimes I feel the need to say a little bit more and you can’t always fit it in to a status, tweet or a comment. An inspiration quote or picture isn’t always enough. Or you run the risk of offending someone.

I’ve always wanted a blog, but have always been to scared to have one. Incase of what? I’ve no idea.

I like the thought of having somewhere to type out my frustrations and annoyances! Or just think things through, I know its good to share worries or whatever with people but sometimes, just SOMETIMES you don’t need or want someone else’s opinions.

This is going to be where I document the life of a twentysomething, trying to figure out what the hell is going on?! I live an amusing, awkward little life. Where I very often end up in very awkward situations…. I get glared at for laughing too loudly in coffee shops and have been overheard tutting at an ambulance siren!?